Game 35: Johnstown @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 5:10 PM — As some Rascal Flatts blaring through my headphones drowns out whatever ridiculous music they’re playing here through the SBA sound system, I don’t really have too much to report.

Well, at least from the Trenton side of things.

For Johnstown, Kris Mayotte has returned from a brief stint in Syracuse to man the pipes for the Chiefs tonight, while Ian Keserich has been summoned to Lake Erie.

I’ll have a mini-feature on Trenton Devils broadcaster Paul Roper being selected to call the ECHL All-Star Game in the next few days…and will not be covering the Devils on Friday so I can instead cover the Devils on Friday.  Huh? 

Lowell makes their last trip into the Spectrum on Friday night, and I have a few guys I’d like to catch up with, so I’ll be there instead.  So, if only for one night, the blog will have a distinct “Inside the Lowell Devils” feel.

6:30 PM — Looks like Mayotte vs. Gerald Coleman.  Doubting this surprises anyone.  Mike Sgroi and Thomas Harrison had a little chat at center ice…I’d imagine they weren’t asking about each other’s holidays. 

Around The ECHL:

Around The Division:

Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Your Trenton starters are…




19:20 left — That didn’t take long.  Jeremy Akeson’s in the box, and Johnstown’s on the power play.

17:24 left — Jeff Prough scores on a hard slapshot on a shorthanded 2-on-1, he buried to the left of Mayotte, who seemed slow to get over.  Video later.

15:41 left — Mayotte makes his first stop of the game on a weak Jim Henkel wrister, but he even juggles the soft shot.  He looks shaky early on.  Goal video is posted.

14:11 left — A giveaway in front of the Johnstown net leads to a scramble, with Brad Snetsinger getting a backhand shot on goal, but Mayotte made the save.  Johnstown just overall looks slow and sloppy right now.

12:54 left — Andy Contois is in the box for Johnstown, Trenton on the PP.

11:07 left — Jarrett Konkle takes an obvious hooking penalty, giving Trenton a brief 5-on-3.

10:50 left — Brad Snetsinger swats in a rebound out of the air to Mayotte’s left to give Trenton a 2-0 lead.  He appeared to have the short side covered, but Snetsinger snuck it through. 

10:45 left — Thomas Harrison and Jason Spence drop the gloves.  A long square off, some dancing, not too much in the way of action.

9:00 left — Mike Sgroi had a breakaway, yes you read that right…but he got tripped down by Chris Dyment.  No penalty shot was awarded, but Trenton is shorthanded.

7:57 left — Konkle’s back in the box, killing the Chiefs man advantage.  Not a good night for him so far.

7:29 left — Nice glove save by Mayotte on a shot by Eric Castonguay off the rush.

7:02 left — A loooooong 5-on-3 coming up after a Jon Landry hook.

5:30 left — Snetsinger strikes again, netting his second on the night.  Videos of all the goals and the fight are either posted or coming up.  3-0, Devils.

4:29 left — Ryan Gunderson in the box, Johnstown PP.

3:44 left — Mike Sgroi…who’s on their power play evidently, takes a penalty and we’re 4-on-4.

1:45 left — Johnstown takes a stupid delay of game penalty for knocking their own net off…

1:15 left — Matt Cohen beats Mayotte with a simple wrister, and it’s 4-0.  Getting ugly.


Second Period: Shots have been corrected to 17-5.  Both Snetsinger (2G, 1A) and Zancanaro (3A) have three point nights.  Henkel and Castonguay both lead the team in shots with three, but oddly neither has a point, no less a goal to show for it.

19:30 left — Jeremy Akeson Jeff Prough quickly makes it 5-0.  Got to love that emergency backup rule right about now…

17:02 left — Johnstown gets on the board on a quirky one, Coleman made the initial save, but the puck came back out and hit the Chiefs player who was camped in front of the net and went in.  5-1, Devils.  Sean Berkstresser gets the goal.

15:06 left — Thomas Harrison continues his ritual of finding iron.  That must have been the fourth time I’ve seen him hit a post here…he had a wide open side but just couldn’t get much on a backhand try.

14:30 left — Trenton has a sixth goal waved off because the whistle blew early… 

9:07 left — Jeff Prough gets tripped coming up the left side by Jon Landry, and Trenton’s on another PP.

7:50 left — Mayotte’s nicest stretch of the game, he made  few real nice stops…including a rebound try by Prough and a shot from the left side by Cohen.

7:19 left — Another nice save by Mayotte on a point blank shot by Trevor Kell. 

1:37 left — Jim Henkel was trippin’, yo.  That’s two minutes for tripping for anyone over 40, and Johnstown has a power play that I’d have to imagine they’re pretty unlikely to do anything with…


Third Period: 18:06 left — Trevor Kell with a real nice chance on a pass from the corner by Jeremy Akeson, but no dice.

16:18 left — Tony Zancanaro with a slashing penalty, he’ll be in the box for two minutes…he may feel shame.

16:03 left — Sgroi will have none of this power play business.  He takes a slashing penalty of his own.

12:37 left — Jeremy Akeson with a breakaway, a wrist shot, and a goal.  6-1, Devils.  He made that look rather easy.

7:23 left — Matt Cohen takes a questionable tripping penalty, which causes Sgroi to lose his marbles.

3:55 left — In a shocker, Konkle’s back in the box…this time for a high stick.

Final Score: 6-1, Devils

Three Stars:

* Snetsinger
** Prough
*** Zancanaro

My vote: Snetsinger-Prough-Zancanaro

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:


Head coach Rick Kowalsky and assistant Vince Williams watch warmups…


Johnstown backup Chris Cuppett.  If I could pull off that hair style, I’d totally do it…


Trenton backup Charlie Effinger.  Remember when he actually played?


Johnstown starting goalie Kris Mayotte


Mike Sgroi and Thomas Harrison have a chat during warmups.

In-Game Videos:

Jeff Prough SHG

Brad Snetsinger PPG

Brad Snetsinger PPG, the sequel

Fight Videos:

Thomas Harrison vs. Jason Spence

Next Game: 1/16 vs. Dayton

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


7 Responses to “Game 35: Johnstown @ Trenton”

  1. red devil Says:

    Why isn’t Roper on the B2?

  2. tdevils Says:

    Not a clue on that one…

  3. Guest Says:

    You continue to do a great job with this blog- tremendous. Looking forward to the Lowell/Philly Phantoms insight

  4. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    Glad to see you’ll be covering Lowell that night. Look for me pre-game at the Devs bench, I’l have the Jordan Parise LD jersey on.

    As far as tonight, great game by the boys and I had a brief confrontation with that COWARD Sgroi after the game, what a punk.

    I listen to the T Devs games off the web site and the audio is ALWAYS very low, I have to jack up the sound just to get it to sound like it’s on 5.

    GO DEVS!!!

  5. tdevils Says:

    Guest…Christopher Guest? Well, whoever you are, thanks for the kind words aout the blog, they are appreciated.

    I’m just looking forward to getting a chance to cover the AHL again, and am very thankful that the Phantoms would again grant me that opportunity.

    Al…I’ll probably be in the Lowell end taking pictures, so I’m sure I’ll see you.

    No idea why Sgroi didn’t want to drop the gloves or why he’s on their power play. Can’t say I think he has too much offensive skill.

  6. titans04 Says:

    Over the last 2 years Sgroi has scored consistantly against us, kind of like a hot knife cutting through butter, he would skate full speed through center ice and the seas would part because nobody would go anywhere near him. Even though he and Harrison were talking during warm-ups there was no trash talking whatsoever – very disappointing. Personally I think Sgroi would handle him with ease, hell Spencer got the nod last night.

  7. Shtikl Says:

    Oh, please make sure you talk to some of the L-Devils. It would be nice to hear from Mills, Magnan, and Ruggeri.

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