Harrison Suspended, Fined

(PR) The ECHL announced that it has suspended Trenton forward Thomas Harrison for one game and fined him an undisclosed amount as a result of his actions in ECHL Game #403 at Cincinnati on Jan. 10.

Harrison was assessed a major penalty and a game misconduct under Rule 61.3 Slashing at 19:36 of the third period.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the ECHL and the Professional Hockey Players’ Association, player fines collected by the ECHL are given to the PHPA for its ECHL Player’s Hardship Fund.

Harrison missed Trenton’s game at Dayton (Jan. 11).


5 Responses to “Harrison Suspended, Fined”

  1. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    The best news of the day is that the Devils had Jason Smith and Kevin Cormier (who is better than what TH brings to the table) practiced today in Newark WITH….Shannahan.

    “Shanahan, who agreed in principle on Saturday to sign with the Devils after sitting out the first half of the NHL season, skated Monday morning at Prudential Center with goaltender Jason Smith and forward Kevin Cormier, who play for the team’s ECHL affiliate in Trenton.”


  2. Guest Says:

    Cormier is bette than what Harrisoon brings to the table?
    You are losing your credibility. The guy can’t even crack the lineup, has 23 games in a weak minor pro league, and came out of the weakest Major junior league. Harrison is no prize, but at least can take a regular shift(albeit 4th line) Cormier is a joke.

  3. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    I would take Cormier any day over Harrison =\

  4. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    Well, if you’re going for the best goon on the ice, I am saying I would take Cormier anyday over Harrison. Harrison played in Kitchner and college hockey, so he should have more hockey intelligence than Cormier since he only played in the QMJHL (whicj is NOT the league you want to be in IF you’re a goon and that’s what Kevin is. Both take stupid penalties and quite frankly for Harrison’s “better resume,” I don’t see anything on the ice from that education. Patrice Cormier is in the system and I would like to see Cormier on the ice because he may have a longer history than Harrison with the Devils. Believe me, I don’t expect anything from either, but if you’re wanting the better fighter out there..I take Cormier. Then again, this is the most I’ve writtien about goon hockey because quite frankly, I’m not into that style of game, but I see the need for it in the ECHL and AHL.

    As far as my “creditability,” well I am not going to get cocky here or defend myself, but I am comfortable with my knowledge of the game. PLaying it for 17 years, studying it (all eras, all styles, all countries)for over 25 years..I am cool with my knowledge and so are people like Stan Fischler. That is the last thing I’ll say about that. I’m not here to start arguements so as Neil Peart wrote, “Leave that thing alone.”

    Oh yeah, as far as the weakest league in the Major Junior League, go tell that to MARTIN BRODEUR, Simon Gagne (I could go on) and the next meet and greet mention that to Eric Castonguay.

  5. Guest Says:

    Can’t argue with the goon stuff, Cormier does have an impressive youtube collection. If only he could get on the ice here.

    Mike does a great job with this blog, agreed we’re not here to argue, and I make less than 50% of the games as it is so I don’t see as many games as the rest of you.

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