Game 31: Dayton @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 5:20 PM — Again, not a whole lot going on before the game today. I guess the biggest question I have is if we’ll see Gerald Coleman start back-to-back games. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Charlie Effinger get this game, but I imagine I’ll have to wait and find out like everyone else at 6:30 when warmups start.

I’d certainly expect Tyler Plante to be between the pipes for Dayton, however.

6:05 PM — Will you look at that? If you keep checking back here long enough, you’ll get actual, legitimate news. Dan Eves has been activated and Kevin Cormier’s been placed on the IR. I’d be willing to bet that a Mr. Bartlett will be coming out of the lineup if Eves does indeed play. No idea what’s up with Cormier, but I know that he is with the team and was in the locker room last night.

Also, Plante will be getting the start for Dayton.

6:35 PM — Coleman’s starting for Trenton, looks like it’ll be Paul Drew starting for Dayton. This makes me sad.

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Starters…


19:29 left — Justin Bowers gets a shot on Coleman after a bad bounce out of the corner, but Coleman makes the stop.

17:40 left — Thomas Harrison with a scoring chance after Jeff Prough throws it towards the net from the right side, but Drew denies the stuff-in and subsequent rebound attempts.

13:48 left — Not a whole lot going on here so far, but the pace is definitely quicker than what we saw in yesterday’s first period…

13:22 left — Thomas Harrison and Britt Dougherty drop the gloves, hardly surprising.  Lots of punches thrown, not a lot of punches landed.  Video coming later, missed probably the first 15 seconds or so.

12:44 left — Dan Eves takes a careless tripping penalty in the corner, and Dayton gets the game’s first man advantage.

10:44 left — Dayton had some real nice puck movement during the first 90 seconds of their power play, but really couldn’t do anything with it…

10:38 left — Buuuuut, Kelly Perrault one-timed a pass from behind the net into the left side past Coleman, he either ever moved or didn’t see it…it wasn’t a screen, so I just don’t think he saw the pass from behind the net.  That’s Perrault’s first of the year.  1-0, Dayton.

9:00 left — Coleman comes back and makes a save on a wacky deflection on a shot from the point.  He’s lucky though, seems like he lost his crease a bit.

6:30 left — Trenton ties it up after Dylan Quaile rips a slapshot home from the left point.  1-1.

6:05 left — Tyler Wooddisse takes a penalty for Dayton, Trenton’s on the PP.

4:51 left — Jeff Prough is on fire.  He scores on Drew again, beating him with a wrist shot again.  Looks like he went low this time, again on the rush from the left side.  2-1, Trenton.

4:23 left — Tony Zancanaro’s in the box, and Dayton’s on a key power play.

3:19 left — Bad play by Coleman right there.  He came out and stopped a puck that Dayton dumped into the corner, nearly playing the puck in the restricted area.  He then fired it into about row 12.  5-on-3.

1:06 left — Trenton killed both penalties, but Dayton seems to be unchallenged around the perimeter when they’re moving the puck around with the man advantage.  Could be something to watch later…

55.5 left — Jim Henkel juuuuuuust misses making it a 3-1 game, hitting the edge of Drew’s glove on a 2-on-1 from the left side.


Second Period: The Devils will evidently be shorthanded going into the second, only one penalty is listed on the board, and it’s for Trenton…Shots have been corrected to 16-10.

20:00 left — Harrison, Zancanaro and Mike Looby are all in the box.  The period starts with a 5-on-4 PP for Dayton.

19:32 left — Jim Henkel scores to give Trenton a 3-1 lead.  How many 2-on-1’s have Henkel and Kell had lately?  My goodness.  Kell lifted a backhand pass over the stick of a diving defenseman to Kell, who buried it into a wide open net.  3-1, Trenton, on a shorthanded 2-on-1.

15:52 left — David Leaderer beats Drew with a slapshot from the blueline.  He had a clear view of it, it just hit his glove and kept on going.  Might be time for a goalie change here.  4-1, Trenton.

13:34 left — Leaderer puts another one home, this time on a great pass by Jeremy Akeson from the right side, and it’s 5-1.  Plante remains planted on the bench.

As an aside, if my math is correct, that first period fight was the seventh time that Harrison has dropped the gloves with Britt Dougherty.

12:40 left — 6-1, Trenton.  Neither Drew or Dayton has it tonight.  Looks like Dan Eves got the deflection, with Robert Page taking the original shot, a simple elevated wrister from a few feet inside the blue line.

11:02 left — Dave Leaderer is all over the ice tonight, making a diving play to stop a Dayton scoring chance.

10:59 left — Tony Zancanaro puts home a rebound to make it a 7-1 game.  Getting uuuuuuuuugly here.  7 goals on 19 shots.

9:19 left — Dayton gets back on the board after a long scramble in front of the net, with Mike McLean putting home one of the many rebounds to make it a 7-2 game.

4:03 left — Trenton’s on the power play after a hit from behind by Joe Van Culin.

2:50 left — Brad Snetsinger scores after Jeff Prough hits the post, it’s now 8-2 on the PPG.


Third Period: Shots are 33-26, Dayton…yes, Dayton, after two.  Snetsinger goal video posted.

Thanks to Paul Roper for this stat…that six period goal outburst is the most prolific period in the history of this franchise.  They’d scored five three previous times, the most recent against the Bombers in 2006.

Last time they’ve scored eight?  Against Dayton as well.

Ryan Gunderson, Thomas Harrison and Matt Radoslovich are the only Devils without a point so far.  Jeff Prough (1G, 2A) leads the way with three.

If Drew comes out for the third, it’s either that Plante is hurt/sick or his coach is intent on embarrassing him.

20:00 left — Your goaltender for the third?  Paul Drew.  Egad.

14:04 left — Not a whole lot going on, this game has kind of reverted to the back and forth with few chances pace that I’m more used to with these two clubs.  And nobody’s scoring every 30 seconds, either.

10:57 left — A bad too many men penalty by Trenton right there.  I mean, they’re up six and all…but that was bad.

10:31 left — Dayton thinks they scored.  The refs disagree.  I believe you know who won that argument.  It remains 8-2.

10:10 left — Jim Henkel created another shorthanded chance, getting  a partial breakaway…but he got hacked from behind and couldn’t get a shot off.

9:40 left — Jeff Prough just missed his second of the night, somehow unable to put home a Snetsinger pass on a 2-on-1.  Yes, Trenton is still shorthanded.

7:47 left — Trenton takes a slashing penalty, giving Dayton another PP chance.

2:26 left — Trenton gets a power play at the end of the game, looking to put a “9” spot on the board.  Why yes, yes that is Thomas Harrison on the man advantage.

51.8 left — Leaderer looking for the hat trick, but Drew makes the glove save.

Final Score: 8-2, Devils

Three Stars:

* Jeff Prough
** David Leaderer
*** Jim Henkel

My vote: Prough-Henkel-Leaderer

Post-Game Notes: Forgot to mention I talked to Matt Torti after the game last night, look for him to be back next week.

Pre-Game Photos:


Gerald Coleman


Paul Drew


Thomas Harrison


Paul Drew faces a shot during warmups


Tyler Plante


Jeff Prough

In-Game Videos:

Gerald Coleman save

Gerald Coleman save

Gerald Coleman 5-on-3 pad save

Jeff Prough goal celebration

Paul Drew save on Brad Snetsinger

Brad Snetsinger goal

Fight Videos:

Harrison vs. Dougherty

Next Game: 1/9 @ Cincinnati

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One Response to “Game 31: Dayton @ Trenton”

  1. chiarams Says:

    Perrault seems to be a beer leaguer that Dayton is using as a filler.

    Hadn’t played a game in the pros in 5 years until last night.

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