Game 30: Post-Game Player Reaction


About his second period goal: “Gundy and Kell made a nice play.  Gundy made a nice pass to Kell, and Kell just kicked it to me.  I saw the D had no speed, so I went around him.  When I came back out in front, nobody came out to me, everybody was on Kell and Jimmy, so I went out in front and just shot the puck.”

On how big that goal was at the time: “It was a big goal.  Last minute of the second period, it was good to build momentum for the third.  And I think that’s what happened, we came out strong for the third.”

On what a late period goal does to the atmosphere in the room: “It just gives us momentum, like I say.  The guys were happy with the way we played, we hit like three posts in the second.  It doesn’t always work out, but it did and we did a good job.”


On tonight’s win: “We were down, but we felt in the room that we were playing well and we were outplaying them and that despite the score, we were really taking it to them.  We were confident, and we came out in the third and I think we showed that right away and we just got on them.  It was a good team win.”

I also asked Matt his thoughts on making the All-Star team, but I’ll save that for a few days down the road…

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One Response to “Game 30: Post-Game Player Reaction”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    Are there any perks for being an All-Star? Is there a bonus paycheck?

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