Game 30: Post-Game Coach Conference


“I thought the first period was a good period by both teams, I’d maybe say we had more quality chances.  In the second, I thought we did everything but throw it in a shirt and jump in the net.  Three posts, three breakaways if you include the penalty shot.  We just couldn’t score, and then they come down and get one off of kind of a rebound.  I don’t know if they missed the net or what it hit, and pops right out and McLean is kind of Johnny on the spot there.  Then we kind of don’t get a very good dump, and they chip it out.  Leaderer gets tied up at the blue line and they go down on a 2-on-1, and they don’t really convert on it.  It hits Coleman, I actually thought it was a high stick, but after watching it on video, Gaudet waited until it came down and just taps it into an open net.  There’s no question there was a couple tough breaks there.  But that goal by Castonguay at the end of the second, that’s huge going into the third only down by one.”

“(Prough) had a really good week of practice after Christmas.  I thought he kind of hadn’t been playing as well as he had prior to Christmas, I thought his game had tapered off.  He can do a lot of damage and create space down low with the way he cuts back and he protects the puck well.  All week after Christmas, he was really snapping the puck.  He scores two the other night in Johnstown, just rips em’.  So I’ve been encouraging him to keep driving wide and shooting the puck, and he’s been scoring from all angles.  He’s got to keep doing that.  It was a great shot and obviouslt a huge goal for us.”

“It was a good test for us to come from behind, and to get those two goals early and play with the lead, it’s something that we’ve at times struggled with this year.  We’ve had some personnel changes.  I think we were good, we didn’t give up too much there in the third.  I thought we could have pushed the pace and pushed our forecheck a little more, but we still had our chances.  But we played to protect the lead, there’s no question.  It was good to see us come out in the third.”

“I think it’s safe to say (we wouldn’t have come back from this in October or November.)  It’s a young team, they’re learning how to win and they’re learning how to do things.  We’ve made our mistakes.  Even in Johnstown the other night, there were two shorthanded goals with just not smart plays, and the last one’s kicked in and we come back and win in overtime.  You’re going to have nights where you’re going to get fluky goals or you’re going to get crazy bounces, but you’ve got to perservere and stick with it.  We didn’t get frustrated tonight and we realized we had two good periods and we had to make sure that we could capitalize in our third period and that it was our best, which it was.”

“It’s huge (to win and set tone for the next game), you want to win the first one.  But at home here, our goal is that we’ve got two games here and then a week off before we head right back to their building and we’ve got to see Cincy up there, so we’ve just got to keep scratching and clawing and getting points here.  We’ve got to get our points at home, we’ve been playing a lot better and we have to take advantage of it.  It’s not going to be easy, especially in the second half after the All-Star break, to get points on the road.”

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3 Responses to “Game 30: Post-Game Coach Conference”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Mike hopefully you weren’t drinking anything when he said he thought both teams played a good first period, nothing worse than having All Sport rocket out of your nose. Gotta love it. In the end a very good win hopefully we don;t take the first period off tomorrow and come out flying with Coleman in net again.

  2. Tdevilsfan Says:

    For me, the biggest indication the first period was a snoozer was that we spent more time playing with the megaphones than watching the game. The last two were much better, they showed a lot of strength coming back and beating Dayton and the typically stellar ECHL officiating (tripping at center anyone?)

    Good win. Megaphones an a+ idea; my new favorite toy 🙂

  3. tdevils Says:

    Yes, suffice it to say, I didn’t agree with Rick’s assessmen of the first period…

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