Post-Game, Part One

I’ll have quotes from Rick Kowalsky and Jason Smith posted at some point tomorrow.  For now, here are some quick bullet point thoughts…

– Tyler Burton was sporting a heavy limp after the game, perhaps the result of crashing into Reading goalie James Reimer on his shootout goal.  Updated — If you watch the shootout video I posted, you’ll see that Burton’s right skate makes hard contact with the goalpost…

– Spoke to Gerald Coleman after the game, and he said he does expect to be able to return when he’s eligible to come off of IR.

– It is easy to be critical of Jason Smith’s play on the ice.  However, it should be pointed out what a good guy he is off of it.  I’ve talked to him after wins and talked to him after losses, and he’s a stand-up guy, no doubt about it.  Tonight, I asked him what I thought was a tough question regarding the situation he’s in with Charlie Effinger playing well and Gerald Coleman waiting in the wings.  Had he told me to take the first plane to hell, can’t say I’d have blamed him.  But he answered that question and everything else I had for him as well.

– A win is a win, but it has to be disconcerting to Kowalsky that his team blew yet another lead.

– This may the best the offense, as a whole, has looked all year.  There were times where the Snetsinger-Burton-Prough line was dominant, and other times where Jim Henkel and Trevor Kell really stepped it up.

– Two fights and a shootout win while I’m there?  Merry Christmas to me.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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