Game 25: Reading @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 5:00 PM — Not a whole lot to report, other than Matt Torti going back on IR and Matt Radoslovich coming off.

Looks like Jason Smith between the pipes tonight, where he’ll likely be opposed by James Reimer.

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: 15:00 left — Eric Castonguay with the first scoring chance of the game, taking a cross ice pass and getting a nice shot on James Reimer, who made the save.

14:30 left — Matt Cohen has had two pretty open chances now, but has narrowly missed to his left both times.

13:48 left — Jeremy Akeson to the box, and Trenton will be shorthanded.  Tony Zancanaro went down in the corner and got up slowly…might be worth keeping an eye on.

10:35 left — Reading does not score on the power play, Jason Smith with a few solid saves.

9:42 left — Reading takes a penalty, and Trenton goes on their first man advantage.

7:05 left — Trenton had a few really nice chances, including one tight shot off the crossbar and another stuff-in attempt denied by Reimer.  But no goals…

6:25 left — Reading takes a 1-0 lead on a shot off the stick of David Nimmo.  It all started when Smith couldn’t catch a harmless shot from the left side.  The puck would eventually squirt loose to Nimmo, who beat Smith with a low slapshot that didn’t seem to leave the ice.  1-0, Reading.

5:24 left — Brock Hooton puts in a big rebound off of a high and hard backhand shot from Peder Skinner.  It came right into the slot, and Smith couldn’t get back.  2-0, Reading.

4:02 left — James Reimer seemed to play the puck outside of the trapezoid, which wasn’t called.  However, Gerard Miller did take a penalty, and Trenton gets a pretty key power play.

3:41 left — It’s now a 5-on-3 after Chris Stevens smacked the puck over the glass in his own end.

3:14 left — Trenton scores to cut the lead in half and also retains the power play.  Eric Castonguay with the goal.


Second Period: Videos in the process of being posted, check below for updates…

Ryan Gunderson was credited with 4 out of Trenton’s 12 shots in the first period.

19:19 left — Nice shift for Tyler Burton.  He created a nice scoring chance for Brad Snetsinger, and then got a shot of his own coming up the left side despite getting hacked the whole way.

17:11 left — Burton with another nice chance, shooting low glove on Reimer. Sadly, he hit low glove. Still 2-1.

16:43 left — Burton. Nice chance. Again. Reimer. Save. Again. This Snetsinger-Burton-Prough line has been looking sharp.

14:15 left — Nice chance for Robert Page up the right side, but his wrist shot was denied by Reimer.

13:30 left — Reimer makes what may be the best save I’ve seen in this building all season.  A rebound kicks out to Eric Castonguay, who’s camped out on the right side of the crease.  With Reimer on his stomach and the puck on Castonguay’s stick, he throws his glove up and snares Castonguay’s seemingly empty-net stuff-in try.

11:10 left — Brad Snetsinger ties the game at two on a rebound goal…his line has been looking amazing tonight, and Trenton’s really been taking it to Reading this period, so they deserve this one.  2-2 game.

9:30 left — Prough’s in the box, and Trenton’s got a penalty to kill… 

8:44 left — Trenton gets a huge shorthanded chance, as Jim Henkel had a clear breakaway on Reimer.  Looks like he tried to beat him high to the blocker side, but couldn’t come up with the huge tally.  Trenton remains shorthanded and the game remains tied at two.

7:16 left — Prough comes out of the box and within about five seconds gets a shot on goal.  The PK was the first I noticed Radoslovich all night, for the record…

5:24 left — What a play!  Trevor Kell came up the left side and Jim Henkel up the right side on a 2-on-1…I was wondering why Henkel was being hesitant with the puck, but he found a trailing Matt Radoslovich, who promptly gave it right back to Henkel for the easy score.  An exceptionally nice, textbook play.  3-2, Devils.

4:41 left — My, my.  Interesting sequence there.  Jeremy Akeson levels Dinos Stamoulis in Reading’s defensive zone.  Akeson goes to the bench, and Stamoulis follows him there and they get into a brief fight.  Meanwhile, Thomas Harrison and Mac Faulkner get into a scrap in front of the Devils bench.  Neither fight was really anything, but hey…at least the gloves are being dropped at this place while I’m here.  Video of the Harry fight posted below.

3:00 or so left — Trevor Kell absolutely buries a top corner wrist shot over the glove of Reimer.  Nice shot.  4-2, Devils.

1:08 left — Chris Dyment’s in the box, giving Reading a PP.


Third Period: Rode the elevator with Matt Torti on the way down to the lower level for a break.  He was on crutches, but said he expects to miss only two weeks…apparently, he got cut by a skate last night.

19:00 left — Reading does not score on their power play, Trenton remains up, 4-2.

18:49 left — Ummm, make that 4-3.  Weird play, really.  Reading won the faceoff and I believe it was Hooton was tied up by a few Devils players.  But the puck kicked out to Doig, who snapped off a quick shot that Smith had little chance on.  4-3, Trenton.

17:55 left — Jim Henkel with another breakway, this time courtesy of a Trevor Kell pass…Henkel again missed high, but was under a lot of pressure from the d-man on this occasion.

15:32 left — Kirk MacDonald had the 4th goal on his stick and appeared to beat Smith, but the puck somehow stayed out…even Smith was looking around, not realizing it was underneath his skate.

6:30 left — Battling some internet issues here.  Anyway, Trenton’s on a PP.  Still 4-3.

5:13 left — Nice puck possession on the PP.  Matt Cohen’s been jumping up in the play on the left side all night, and had his best shot to score, but it looked like Reimer got it with his shoulder.

2:39 left — Trenton’s outshooting Reading, 40-28.  But Reading’s pushing…

1:29 left — Reading calls their timeout.  Looks like Reimer’s coming off as well.

1:24 left — Bad goal.  Jason Smith got lit up on a wraparound, he went down too early and left the other side of the net wide open for Chris Stevens.  Tie game.  Of course it is.  Gave it away.


Overtime: Kell, Henkel, Dyment and Gunderson to start the period out for Trenton…

3:14 left — A few scoring chances either way, but nothing big…

3.5 left — Trevor Kell had an awesome chance with about 2:45 to go, skating through his man and making a few dekes, but he couldn’t beat Reimer.



REA – Nimmo save

TRE – Castonguay goal

REA – Skinner goal

TRE – Snetsinger goal

REA – Snider save

TRE – Burton goal

REA – Hooton save

Final Score: Devils win, 5-4.

Three Stars:

* Kell
** Snetsinger
*** Reimer

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:


Reading starting goalie James Reimer


Last night’s starter, Danny Taylor


Trenton backup goalie, Charlie Effinger


David Leaderer


Brad Snetsinger


Tony Zancanaro

In-Game Videos:

1st Period: Jason Smith save on Tyler Doig

1st Period: Smith stop through traffic

1st Period: Brad Snetsinger hits the post

1st Period: Matt Cohen missed opportunity

1st Period: Eric Castonguay goal (7)

1st Period: James Reimer save on Jim Henkel

Fight Videos:

Thomas Harrison vs. Mac Faulkner

Next Game: 12/21 @ Wheeling

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3 Responses to “Game 25: Reading @ Trenton”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Mike awesome job with the shootout videos. Thanks!

  2. tdevils Says:

    Thanks man, glad you enjoyed them.

  3. Mark Says:

    As somebody on another forum explained:

    Of course we won in the shootout. The rebounds that Smith gives up every time can’t be turned into goals then.

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