Game 20: Shootout Videos

Watch the shootout in its entirety, with videos of each individual shooter from both teams.

Round 1: Danick Bouchard vs. Charlie Effinger

Round 1: Eric Castonguay vs. Anton Khudobin

Round 2: Matt Auffrey vs. Charlie Effinger

Round 2: Tyler Burton vs. Anton Khudobin

Round 3: Ernie Hartlieb vs. Charlie Effinger

Round 3: Brad Snetsinger vs. Anton Khudobin

Round 4: Kevin Baker vs. Charlie Effinger

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Game 20: Shootout Videos”

  1. Al (PhillyDevil) Says:

    Excellent by Charlie. I seen the saves from the back left hand side so THANK YOU much for this site. There is a major problem here though by seeing this on video, Snettsy never scored. Now I am not going blind but the puck does not go in, it’s under the kid’s left leg. Also, Brad was the #1 star for his game winning shootout goal. Even if Snetts scored, should that not be Castonguay? Hmmm and I’m sorry 2 Star is Matt Cohen who had a GREAT….GREAT game. Cohen was amazing on that 5 min major. However first star is Charlie Effinger. This save was aboslutley amazing. His second save was high qualtiy as well and his patience on shot’s 1 and 4 was great.

  2. tdevils Says:

    I’ve watched the video of the Snetsinger goal a few times, in full screen mode in Windows Media Player (I’d be willing to bet I’m the only one who can do that since I’m the only one who actually has the file) and you can never see the puck actually go in.

    My guess is that based on where Khudobin is looking after he makes the initial stop, the puck trickled out of his pads and behind him and he swept it out with his glove. The ref emphatically signaled goal, and Khudobin really didn’t have much of a gripe.

    Three stars…here’s how that happens. Ben or Bryan — interns in the PR department — will generally put a ballot near my stuff after the second period, and will usually collect it with about 7-8 minutes to go. I’ll usually hastily put something together, or leave “GWG” in a certain spot for a tie game, etc. And usually, our votes end up being meaningless anyway. The whole process is for show, nobody should really look into it.

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