So, About That Optimism In Augusta…

The Augusta Lynx have folded. This affects the Trenton Devils in that they were scheduled to play in Augusta on March 3rd as part of a five game road trip down south.

The thing about this I don’t like, at least from a Trenton perspective, is that apparently all of their players become unrestricted free agents, which I would assume doesn’t force them to go through the waiver process.

With Trenton’s…uhhh, prowess so far, they could have added a real impact player through a simple waiver claim.

(ECHL PR) The ECHL announced that the Augusta Lynx have suspended operations, effective immediately and voluntarily relinquished their membership back to the League.

The move comes as a result of the Augusta ownership group being unable to continue to operate in 2008-09.

“We are very disappointed for our fans, league partners and the other member teams of the ECHL,” said ECHL Commissioner Brian McKenna. “The ECHL would like to thank the Lynx fans for all of their support.”

Augusta players will immediately become unrestricted free agents.

The league announced that the Augusta at Mississippi on Thursday and the Gwinnett at Charlotte games on Thursday have been cancelled.

It was also announced that Gwinnett will play at Mississippi on Friday and Saturday while Charlotte will play at South Carolina on Saturday.

Other game changes have Gwinnett playing at Mississippi on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14 and traveling to Charlotte on Dec. 19 while South Carolina will play at Charlotte on Dec. 21.

The league said that work has begun on a revised version of the playing schedule which will be released as soon as possible.

Schedule Changes

Thursday, Dec. 4
Delete Gwinnett at Charlotte
Delete Augusta at Mississippi

Friday, Dec. 5
Delete Augusta at Mississippi
Add Gwinnett at Mississippi

Saturday, Dec. 6
Delete Augusta at Mississippi
Delete Gwinnett at South Carolina
Add Gwinnett at Mississippi
Add Charlotte at South Carolina

Saturday, Dec. 13
Delete Augusta at Mississippi
Add Gwinnett at Mississippi

Sunday, Dec. 14
Delete Augusta at Mississippi
Add Gwinnett at Mississippi

Tuesday, Dec. 16
Delete South Carolina at Augusta

Friday, Dec. 19
Delete Augusta at Charlotte
Add Gwinnett at Charlotte

Saturday, Dec. 20
Delete Gwinnett at Augusta

Sunday, Dec. 21
Delete Augusta at Charlotte
Add South Carolina at Charlotte


One Response to “So, About That Optimism In Augusta…”

  1. titans04 Says:

    sad day for all of those involved especially the fans. Shame on the owners for starting the season knowing they didn’t have the resources to get through the season.

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