Between The Pipes

I am a goalie nut.  I make no secret of this.

When I was younger, I would collect hockey cards of only the goalies, with binders and binders full of them at my disposal.  I was always fascinated by the artwork on the goalie masks, and remain so to this day.

Part of the fun in this job, for me at least, is getting to see so many different players that I haven’t seen play before.  But especially the goalies.

Combining games I’ve either been to as a fan or covered in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, USHL and the NCAA, I’ve seen 120 different goalies play.

And statistically, Martin Houle is the worst I’ve ever seen.  I saw the former T-Devils goalie play for the Philadelphia Phantoms a few years back, and witnessed him give up six goals to the Hartford Wolfpack in a grand total of 25 minutes.  That’s a 14.40 GAA.

It would appear that in the grand hall of Mike Ashmore records, he’ll have a chance to redeem himself.

As you may have seen already, Houle was traded from Las Vegas to the Cincinnati Cyclones, where he replaces an injured Loic Lacasse.

Houle and the defending ECHL champs come into town for the first time this season on the 30th.

But even sooner than that, the Elmira Jackals return on Friday, and they’ll have a new goalie on their hands since the last time we saw them as well.  With Rob McVicar deciding to leave after enduring an interview with yours truly  — OK, so that’s not why he left.  Right? — those same Philadelphia Phantoms assigned Michael Teslak to the Jackals to form a tandem with Mitch O’Keefe.

And on the 29th, the Florida Everblades make their first of two trips to SBA.  For those of you excited about the possibility of seeing Anton Khudobin play, I’ve got some bad news.  The reigning ECHL Goaltender of the Year and top 10 Minnesota Wild prospect according to Hockey’s Future has been recalled to Houston of the AHL.

So unless that’s only a temporary move, first-year pro David Leggio will be in the crease for Florida when they suit up against the Devils just 11 days from now.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


4 Responses to “Between The Pipes”

  1. Pam Says:

    Hello my name is Pam and I am a GOALIE NUT! Nice to meet you 🙂

    I have seen considerably more than 120 professional goalies play and I have to tell you Martin Houle is not even close to being at the bottom of that list….. of course I am probably decades older than you, but still in this day and age it is a pleasure to find another goalie nut in the area 🙂

  2. Al (PhillyDevil) Says:

    As a goalie for 17 years and a “goalie nut” I can say that Houle is not the worst I’ve seen (and neither is Jason Smith) but the Houle is nowhere near solid and I love watching him get destroyed (personlly I have not let his previous affiliation with the garbage Flyers/Phantoms to cloud my judgement), but we’re so bad offensively without Poli, Kell and Castonguay we’ll make him look like Marty.

    I suggest that if anybody gets a chance to see Hershey play you can see the Caps goalie of the future: Semen Varlamov. This kid is a very good young goalie who’ll only get better.

  3. Al (PhillyDevil) Says:

    In regards to your list of top 10 goalies I wold like to post mine. Also, may I just say that Blaine Lacher is one of the worst to ever play, a one year wonder who can sit next to Jim Carey and Pelle Lindbergh.

    My top four goalies of all time:
    4. Chris Terreri (good, underrated and sentimental selection)
    3. John Vanbiesbrouck (yes Roy was better than him)
    2. Vladislav Tretiak
    1. MARTIN BRODEUR (by far because what he has done for the position, worked with so less “goals for” compared to others and it’s not a biased answer either).

    Honorable mention to Sawchuck, Roy, Plante, Dryden, Esposito, Fuhr and Parent.

    Blaine Lacher? OMG someone else but me remembers his one year wonder? Andrew Raycroft was Blaine Lacher Part 2. Jim Carey, Pelle Lindbergh (personal rag doll/red light for the mighty CCCP and Red Army) Ughhh! I would say the most overrated goalie (who I hate to death) must be that garbage bum Jim Craig. “Do you believe in frauds?”

  4. chiarams Says:

    Ironically the worst goaltending performance I think I ever saw in person was Brodeur for Utica in the AHL playoffs against Rochester many moons ago.

    I think he gave up 7 in about 35 minutes before getting pulled for (I think) Corey Schwab.

    A year later I got to watch him and Hasek put on a clinic in the Dave Hannan game.

    Go figure.

    Worst goalies I can remember witnessing in person – Markus Ketterer, Mike Craig, Jim Hrivnak, Ross McKay, Roy Gunn. Lots of brutal goalies in the AHL in the 80s/90s.

    Worst Trenton goalie – Either Smith or Beauchemin. Though I cringed every time David St. Germain got a start way back when.

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