ECHL Alumni Features On The Way

With as much down time as there is between home games in the ECHL, I thought it would be an interesting idea to reach out to the New Jersey Devils and see if it would be possible to do some alumni stories on Sheldon Brookbank and Pierre-Luc Letorneau-Leblond.

Brookbank started his pro career in the ECHL with the Mississippi Sea Wolves, while Leblond spent all of 2006-07 and parts of 2007-08 with the Trenton Devils before making his NHL debut this season.

I spoke to Brookbank on the phone this morning, and hope to do the same with Leblond this afternoon, so I wanted to give everyone a heads up to look for those features.  As the season goes on, hopefully I’ll be able to get up to Lowell and Newark for a few story ideas that I have, as well as checking out other organizations ECHL alums to do stories on them as well.

As always, if anyone ever has any ideas for things you’d like to see on here, I’m open to your suggestions.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


11 Responses to “ECHL Alumni Features On The Way”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Mike it would be great to know when PLL expects to be back on the ice.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Assuming he calls, that’s definitely something I’m planning on asking him.

    I’m not a Devils fan, but I hated when Cam Janssen got traded, because I liked having the possibility of a fight or two when I went to a game…Leblond kind of brings that as well, so I’m hoping he returns.

  3. titans04 Says:

    me neither but am a huge fan of Pierre’s, being we’re on the bottom of the totem pole the sooner he comes back the sooner we might see another body trickle down.

  4. Ashmore Says:

    I did speak to him today…he said he didn’t really have a timetable for a return, but that he is skating.

  5. titans04 Says:

    Ugh, not the answer I was hoping for. Mike I have a ticket for Thursday if you want to go check over on the other board.

  6. chiarams Says:

    Heh – Mike, be forewarned that you’ll have to put up sitting next to two mildly (fairly) bitter hockey fans.

    I look at it as being therapeutic.

  7. Al (PhillyDevil) Says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work and I look forward to Sheldon’s interview the most, he’s a great kid. As a TRUE Devils fan, Leblond and his ignorant way of hockey can’t be sent down quick enough after he is healthy. The guy is an aboslute bum with no point of being on the ice Give that time to Bergofrs and with talent and cause. Cam Jam for Bryce Salvador was a great trade, a non-talented goon (nice kid though) for a solid D man. I hate fans that love goon hockey, that make me sick. When there is a sheap shot..FINE..take care of biz, but other than’s a joke.

    Thanks for the Sheldon interview coming up.

  8. Al (PhillyDevil) Says:

    Too bad you could not ask PL3 about his careless major he took on a waste of ice time named Cote. His fight broke up a great scoring chance.
    Garbage hockey, we need discipline and goals, not useless fights.

  9. chiarams Says:

    If you asked me to name the top 10 performances/plays/incidents since the Devils bought the Trenton franchise, half of them might involve Leblond.

    Then again, when he’s surrounded by beer leaguers and half-talents, there’s not much to root for other than fights.

    Personally, I’d rather watch goon hockey than a bunch of 5’10” 180lb euros float around the ice. But Gary Bettman is a genius, and interest in the NHL has never been higher!

  10. titans04 Says:

    Devils scoring chance is comical in itself their offense is rather enemic at this point scoring under 2.5 per game, certainly buried in the bottom third. Thankfully Sutter has a sack and doesn’t agree with you, Leblond was brought up for the sole purpose of fighting guys like Cote and anybody else that take a run at one of the flea sized Devils on the ice, he’s done what was asked of him. Will he stick all year – not a chance. However to bring up Vrana is comical, the guys been scratched recently when Sutter has chosen to play Brookbank (a AHL quality defensemen at best) over him as a forward. Bergfors is basically in the same boat along with Tallackson, the three of them should hitch a ride back to Lowell with Pierre, non of them are ready and/or good enough to be playing in the NHL right now. Reading some of the Devils/Lowell sites apparently Tallackson passed on the offer to stay/go back to Lowell – guess he’s to good for that. So he gets to skate all by himself although yesterday it was with all the other wounded for the first time – yay! Barring another sh*tload of injuries how much time is he gonna get.

    With the T-Devils stinkining up the ice at a record pace about the only bright spot might be Cormier pounding the tar out of any and all challengers, topping the memories of PLL’s time in Trenton. Let’s see either watching fights or 5’6″- 5’7″ 165 pound offensive studs like Bartlett, Gerbe, Toe Knee and Rado getting abused all game long, I’ll take the brawling. I respect the fact if you’d rather watch the hidden gems do their best by keepin them little legs churrning and coming up empty.

  11. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Huge fan of Pierre as well; nothing wrong with a good fight or three. Heck, I miss the bench clearing brawls. Don’t get me wrong the “I can’t believe I just saw that” moves are wonderful to watch; I just don’t see why it has to be an either/or proposition.

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