Kowalsky on Goalie Situation

As promised, I asked Trenton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky about the goaltending situation.  Prefacing the question with the fact that I intended on asking it win or lose, I asked him at what point does he look at getting someone to backup Jason Smith.

Kowalsky: “Right now, that’s an organizational thing.  We know Brodeur’s out.  Everything depends on what goes on up top and internally.  Whether we get a goalie here or whether they get a goalie in Lowell or whether they decide to go with somebody else in New Jersey, that’s all something that I’m sure is going to be addressed here.  And we will eventually, at some point, from some source, have another goaltender in here.”

I then asked the head coach if he had any thoughts on when that should happen…

Kowalsky: “Right now, we’re OK because our schedule’s not too bad.  It’s just back-to-back games here.  But it’s tough for a goaltender at this level to play with our schedule the way it is.  We’re definitely going to have to get another guy in here that can play.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


5 Responses to “Kowalsky on Goalie Situation”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Nice job Mike asking the question. Good talking to you before the game, keep up the good work the few of us that are left really enjoy your hard work.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Was good to meet you as well…for as difficult as things have been, trust me when I tell you that was only compounded by the loss tonight and the way they lost.

    I’m not used to covering bad teams. This is a bad team. Maybe it’s that…but this is just a little hard to adjust to.

  3. Shtikl Says:

    I’m used to watching bad teams and cheering for them anyway. It never gets easier, especially if you know some of the players and know how hard they work. You should swap horror stories with Ryan Johnston of radio station WCAP in Lowell (the current voice of the Lowell Devils), who covered the 2002-03 Lowell Lock Monsters. He might have some advice for how to stay sane when things are not going well.

    Frazee looked pretty good tonight against WBS, Caruso less so, but they’re backstopping a team that has “issues”. You won’t get either of them back anytime soon unless they need a vacation from the pressure.

    Unfortunately, tonight Lowell’s Matt Halischuk was boarded and it looks like it was a very serious injury to his knee. The T-Devils may lose a RW to call-up, if they still have a healthy one.

  4. Al (PhillyDevil) Says:

    Well, I was suppossed to go see Lowell tonight, but the plan got screwed. So I used my T Devs ticket and well..it was a real bad collapse. Jason Smith, although not his entire fault tonight..he should’ve had the third goal, he really struggles after giving up a goal. When thinking about this problem with the goaltending we must think about the entire structure of this franchise. I truly would love to see Jordan Parise come back from Austria and take over in Trenton or split with Caruso in Lowell. Bottom line, Marty is out until February at the earliest. I doubt Lou want’s to sign or give a go-ahead to sign a goalie that will eventually be realesed, maybe we keep a third string to end out the season. Jason Smith is a Devils draft pick and that means a lot. The Devs are loyal to bring along their young prospects and although Smith may have taken a few hits, he will be here regardless. Right now if it stayed the same, Frazee comes back in Feb. So we sign a goalie to split with Jason or just take some start’s away from him and tell him (the FA) he’s third string when Jeff coems back? (Yes I was the one with the Jordan Parise jersey on tonight)

    Personally, I think Frazee..sooner than later must return to the ECHL to get more playing time. Frazee, while a very high quality prospect, is not AHL ready yet. Marty is not retiring anytime soon and Jeff should be in Lowell as a back up to Clemmensen next year. This year we need someone to split or take time away some games away from Caruso until Clemmensen comes back.

    So what would I like to see from these scenario’s?

    It’s up to Lou and management. I hope they would get a goalie for Lowell to split with Caruso and return Frazee to Trenton. So I hope that I see Jordan Parise come back. However, don’t know how his contract in Europe would allow that. Bottom line Frazee needs to be back in Lowell ASAP.

  5. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Glad I missed it. We’ll be there tonight, here’s hoping for a miracle…

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