Clarifying The Emergency Backup Rules

Based on the e-mails I’ve been receiving and the comments that have been posted, it seems like everyone’s pretty interested in what’s going to happen with this goaltender situation.

Considering I’m new to covering the league, I thought it might be good to get a clarification in regards to what the ECHL’s rules are in regards to emergency backups.  I mean, what’s the point of Anthony Felice stopping a few pucks in warmups if he can’t actually play, right?

So, straight from the ECHL, here’s the rules regarding emergency backups:

In a situation where one or both of a team’s active roster goaltenders is unable to play due to injury, illness or recall, that team is permitted to add an Emergency Backup Goaltender to their roster.

The Emergency Backup Goaltender does not count toward the team’s salary cap or 20-man roster limit and does not sign a Standard Player’s Contract.

However, the only condition whereby an Emergency Backup Goaltender may play is if the team’s regular goaltender(s) is physically injured and unable to start or continue playing a game after having started.

Teams may not use an emergency backup goaltender in regard to the starting goaltender’s performance.

There will be no time limit on the use of an Emergency Backup Goaltender.

However, if after seven days, the regular goaltender is not able to play (i.e. still injured/recalled), the Emergency Backup Goaltender will count towards the 20-man active roster and count at the required minimum as outlined in the CBA towards the salary cap.

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