Game 6: Johnstown @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 5:30 PM — There’s a stack of media notes awaiting us when we enter the press box, and in one pile was a stack of sheets labeled “Trenton Devils Bio Additions.”

Forwards Brett Pilkington and Eric Thomassian are listed as having been added to the roster.  I’m told Trenton traded with Elmira to get Pilkington, but no clue on Thomassian.

Pilkington was 0-0-0 in 5 games with the Jackals and Thomassian played in Germany last year after four years at Boston University.

That’s about all I’ve got for you right now…hoping to have some injury updates and whatnot in a bit.

5:45 PM — OK, a bunch of updates on the things you guys have been asking me about lately.

First off, Pilkington was dealt for “future considerations.”  Could be a roll of a tape, could be a player.  Who knows?  Thomassian was a free agent signing.

Chris Poli has an “upper body injury” and is out indefinitely.

Kevin Cormier has a “lower body injury,” but skated today.

Tony Zancanaro has started skating, but the timetable for his return remains unknown.

Chris Dyment is still expected to be out for quite a while.

Jeremy Akeson has a “lower body injury” as well and may be out of action for a bit.

Matt Torti appears close to returning.

Jeff Frazee will start tonight.

6:40 PM — Frazee will be opposed by Ian Keserich.  Photos coming shortly.

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Trenton starters…




18:30 left —  Pilkington’s out there with Castonguay and Kell…

14:41 left — Trenton just got a nice scoring chance when Tyler Burton chipped a puck from behind the net to Dylan Quaile…perhaps Quaile didn’t realize how much time he had, but instead of skating it in on the goalie, he took a fairly telegraphed slapshot and attempted to beat Keserich through the legs.  He did not.  0-0.

13:39 left — Matt Radoslovich got slammed into the boards, not from behind but pretty close to it and stayed down on the ice for about ten seconds while the play was going on.  He was holding his face as he skated to the bench.  Looks like he went back into the locker room…this team can’t afford any more injuries, ad now they’re shorthanded with Bartlett in the sin bin.

8:49 left — Frazee made a nice blocker save on the power play, and Johnstown couldn’t score.  But Trenton takes another penalty and has to go on the PK for the second time.  0-0.

5:27 left — Trevor Kell in the box = Johnstown PP #3.  Still 0-0, though.  7 total shots this game…not the best period of hockey I’ve ever seen, gotta say.

2:23 left — Trenton couldn’t convert on a long 4-on-3.  Ian Keserich made one nice stop, but that was about it…

0-0 after one period of play.  Shots are 6-5, Trenton.  Nobody with more than one on either team.  This game needs a scrap or something to spark some guys…nothing really going for either team right now.


Second Period:

18:29 left — Brett Pilkington with a nice pass to Trevor Kell on a partial 2-on-1 to give Trenton a 1-0 lead early in the period.

18:10 left — But Joe Gerbe takes a cross-checking penalty and pretty much squashes any momentum.

17:52 left — And the Chiefs tie it at one. Mike Bartlett stuffed it home. 1-1.

10:00 left — Jeff Frazee just played for about 30 seconds without a glove. Could have got real ugly, but thankfully there weren’t any shots on goal until he got it back. Real good pace to the second, still 1-1.

8:06 left — 5-on-3 for Johnstown. Not good…

1:31 left — It’s still 1-1 here.  Both teams have had a few good chances, but nothing outstanding.  Radoslovich hasn’t come back…word is he may be in need of a good dentist.

1-1 after two.  Shots are 18-13, Chiefs.  Highlights have been added.

Third Period:

18:21 left — Trenton again scores early in a period, this time after a scramble for the puck in the crease.  It eventually trickled out to Chris Tutalo, who roofed it to give Trenton a 2-1 lead

17:57 left — This team is absolutely, positively allergic to having the lead.  It’s 2-2 after a puck trickled underneath Frazee…credit goes to Jason Spence.

15:50 left — Trenton goes on the power play.  At this point, it isn’t critical that they get one…but it sure would be nice.

14:02 left — And Tyler Burton stuffs it home on a rebound to give Trenton a 3-2 lead on the PP.  But how long does this lead last?

9:53 left — Trevor Kell just missed on a feed from Pilkington on what was more or less the exact same play they scored on. Trenton’s on a power play after Penner made some real solid contact with Frazee. Castonguay got in his face, but with a penalty already called, he showed some discipline and didn’t do anything.

7:00 left — Real nice play Leaderer on a clean 2-on-1, diving and extending his stick and swiping the puck away from the attacker.

5:07 left — Could it be?  A home win?  Scott Bartlett would appear to have put the icing on the cake on a rebound pretty late in the 3rd.  Keserich just turned his stick into kindling and came way too close to firing the puck int the stands in frustration.  4-2, Trenton leads.

1:12 left — Johnstown appeared to score, but the whistle blew when the ref lost sight of the puck. Ouch. Keserich is on the bench with the Chiefs down 2. Johnstown calls timeout.

38.4 left — Castonguay seals it with the empty netter. Trenton leads 5-2.

Final Score: 5-2, TRENTON

Three Stars:

* Tyler Burton
** Brett Pilkington
*** Petr Pohl 

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:

Codey Burki

Eric Castonguay with a classic hockey smile

Jeff Frazee

Ian Keserich

Ian Keserich’s mask

Kris Mayotte

Jason Smith

Chris Tutalo

In-Game Videos:

Jeff Frazee’s 1st period blocker save on the PK.

Eric Castonguay gets denied by Ian Keserich on a T-Devils PP.

2nd Period: Frazee makes the stop in the 5-on-3

2nd Period: Joe Gerbe’s partial breakaway out of the box is denied by a diving Chiefs defenseman.

3rd Period: Tyler Burton gives the Devils the lead

Fight Videos:

Next Game:

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