The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

THE GOOD – The three-game homestand is over.  Based on the way things went, I’d say that qualifies as good.

THE BAD – The power play.  3 for 22 on the homestand.  That’s not terrible, but when you average a little over seven chances a game, you’ve got to do better.

THE UGLY – The attendance.  I will eat my hat if there were 2,190 people in the building tonight.  I know that announced attendance and actual attendance are two different things…but I just can’t imagine it’s a good atmosphere for the players to be playing in right now.  I don’t mean to rip anyone, but there has to be things that can be done to market the product a little better.

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3 Responses to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. Mark Says:

    Marketing is part of it, but the product itself is part of the problem.

    Last year, the team (front office mostly) tried to sever the Titans identity. They lost a number of season ticket holders as a result. They also made in-game changes that didn’t really work out. And, the team had a season last year where they had trouble winning at home even though they did better on the road.

    This year there are tiny improvements in the off-ice product (giving us back Rock and Roll Part 2 helps), but there are also some slippages as well. The team isn’t paying well.

    I think we could handle a good off-ice product and a bad team, OR a good team and a bad off-ice product. Right now we’re in the bad/bad area. Either could be improved.

  2. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Frankly I think bringing back Kowalsky was a bad move. In just three games, I can see this team doing the same dumb things Kowalsky’s other teams have.

    The players have not been constant the last two years & three games. The coach has, and this team is picking right up where it left off, with little grit (did Cormier play the second half of the game), no clue on the power play, and a seemingly minimal grasp of the fundamentals.

    I wasn’t happy when he was brought back; these three games is why.

    When the team bio touts 65 wins (and holding) over two seasons….that’s not what I call good.

  3. Scott Says:

    Cormier got hurt in the 2nd and never returned. So much for the prospect of him entertaining us by pounding people. Bringing back org sock puppet Kowalsky was a mistake after his first season.

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