The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good – Trenton’s goaltending.  For the first two games, both Jeff Frazee and Jason Smith have been very solid.  Frazee was spectacular at times in the season opener.  If the team can actually get some offense and improve with the man advantage, they can get some points on the board.

Bad – The ECHL’s schedule makers.  The Trenton Devils are the only team in the entire league that start the season with three games on three consecutive days.  I was informally speaking with a scout from a Western Conference team for a few minutes inbetween periods, and he liked having the opportunity to see multiple games in such a short amount of time.  I like it because it helps me get better acquainted with the team.  But it has to suck (technical term) for the guys, some of whom’s conditioning might not be all there yet.

Ugly – The Reading Royals disrespecting SBA.  I saw nothing wrong with Reading’s fans being as loud and supportive as they were.  It’s good they traveled to support their team.  And I have no problem with the Royals players acknowledging them.  But to have somewhat of a stick salute to them on the ice, and then for Mac Faulkner to bang his stick on the ice and start pumping his fist Kirk Gibson-style towards them, that’s a little disrespectful.  I wonder if any of the Devils took notice.  If nothing else, it was a little bush league after winning the second game of the regular season, not a playoff game.  The third period was a charging penalty waiting to happen anyway, and there were already two scraps, so perhaps things might be a little feisty the next time these guys play.

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