Game 2: Reading @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): Defenseman Rosario Ruggeri has been loaned to Trenton by Lowell and will be wearing #29.  Jay Bletzer will switch to #33.  There is no status update yet on Chris Dyment, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if he’s out on the ice for pre-game warmups.

I can’t imagine Ruggeri was sent here to sit…but then why have Bletzer sitting around?  I’d imagine the move was made because Anssi Salmela got sent to Lowell.

6:40 PM — Jason Smith vs. James Reimer is your goalie matchup.  This will be Reimer’s professional debut.  photos coming shortly.

6:55 PM — Photos are posted.  Dyment did not take warmups, but there was no roster move made with him as of yet.  Ruggeri was out there, and he appears to be playing tonight.

Around The ECHL: Kris Mayotte, Johnstown’s backup goaltender last night, was loaned to AHL Syracuse today.

How about former Trenton Titans goalie Steve Valiquette picking up the shutout last night against the Maple Leafs? The game went 65 minutes without a goal before heading to a shootout, and Fredrik Sjostrom scored the game-winner to seal the shutout for Valiquette.

Around The Division:

Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Off to a pretty miserable start, and the game hasn’t even started yet.  There’s a large contingency of Royals fans here, and the Devils got booed loudly when they came out for pre-games.  Now that we’re about a minute away from anthem, there’s a “Lets Go Royals” chant going up.  Yikes.

Devils Starters are:




I’m going to tone down the game updates, and try to only do it after some stoppages.  It got a little ridiculous for me up here last night, and I really need to get a feel for these guys out there on the ice, so I’ve got to pay more attention.

17:10 left — Not too much going on so far.  Jason Smith had to make a nice stop on a quality scoring chance, but that’s about it.  Joe Gerbe had a nice chance in front after a Chris Poli shot, but he couldn’t get it over Reimer’s glove.

16:39 left — The first penalty of the game goes to Reading’s Patrick Wellar.  Looked like he held up one of the Devils behind the net.

15:20 leftTrevor Kell scores his first of the year on a rebound out in front after a point shot on the PP.  Trenton leads 1-0.  Eric Castonguay and Ryan Gunderson with the helpers.

14:28 left— Power play #2 already for the Devils.  They need to do what they couldn’t do against Johnstown and take advantage of all these man advantages.

12:50 left — Gerbe had the best chance on the PP, but he backhanded one high and wide of Reimer on a tough chance.  Chris Poli took a tripping penalty, and it’s 4-on-4 now.

8:19 left — Bad penalty by Tommy Harrison.  He shoved one of the Royals to the ice after the whistle blew.

4:06 leftSo this whole paying attention to the game idea, it’s starting to work out.  Rosario Ruggeri HAS to stop pinching on the power play.  He was on the left point and was attempting to be on the receiving end of a cross-crease pass. But, because he wasn’t back, Brock Hooton was able to take the puck away while Trenton was on the power play and score on a shorthanded breakaway.  He tried to go five hole on Smith, who made the initial save, but Hooton stuffed in the rebound.  1-1 game.

1:07 leftDylan Quaile has scored his first professional goal, lifting the puck into the top right corner of the net after Reimer got wiped out by one of his defensemen sliding towards the net.  2-1, Devils.  Kell and Burton with the assists.

:31 left — Matt Cohen and Matt Herneisen drop the gloves with about 30 seconds left in the period.  Wasn’t a whole lot of action in that one.


Second Period: Quaile and Castonguay led the team with 2 shots each in the first.  The second is underway.

16:00 left — Not a whole lot going on in the second.  Smith’s had to make a few saves, but nothing big.

13:39 left — Kevin Cormier just tried to get Mac Faulkner to go as they were skating up the ice, but it appeared Faulkner wanted no part of it.

10:57 left — Very nice save by Smith on Dan Rudisuela, who was on the doorstep skating in.  Rudisuela shot low, but Smith got it with his glove.

7:41 left — Mark O’Leary takes a hooking penalty and gives Trenton a power play.  He looked over to the ref just after he committed the hook and slammed his stick down after he saw the ref’s arm was raised.

3:37 left — Trenton’s still up, 2-1.  Reading’s Mac Faulkner’s in the box, and Trenton’s on another PP.

:10 left — Trenton will go into the third on the power play after a bad penalty by Mike Salekin.  He shot the puck over the glass in his own zone.


Third Period: Added a video of a nice chance Trenton had on the power play in the 2nd.

18:30 left — Pretty lame power play by Trenton right there.  The best chance went to…uhhh, well Reading’s Brock Hooton.  Smith made the save on a point-blank slapper from right around the top of the circle.

16:15 leftWell, they blew another lead.  Smith made an excellent save on the first chance by Rudisuela, but Joe Cooper swarmed on the rebound and buried it to tie the game at two.  Sounds like this team had a lot of leads that went by the wayside last season too.  2-2 game, and it’s getting very physical out there.

12:00 left — Nice chance by the Devils, but Reimer came up back. Eric Castonguay came up the left side and took a hard, low shot on the goalie. The rebound came out to Tyler Burton, but Reimer recovered beautifully and got over to make the save.

10:29 left — The lead is completely blown.  Rudisuela with a goal that appeared to go off of his skate.  The ref emphatically signaled goal, and it did not appear to my eyes that he kicked it in.  3-2, Reading.

8:45 left — Very nearly 4-2, but Jason Smith makes a big save, and one of the D-men makes a big block with a wide open net.

7:55 left — Jeff Corey tripped up Jim Henkel to give Trenton a CRUCIAL power play, I believe their 8th of the game.  Sounds familiar to last night, yes?

3:40 left — Still 3-2, Royals.  Trenton really hasn’t been able to get much going.

1:44 left — Trenton calls timeout, down a goal.  Smitty’s out for the extra attacker.  This is more or less the exact same game as last night, but with two more goals and a different visiting team.

:45 left — Reading calls their timeout.  Trenton had a few chances on a stuff-in play at the front of the net.  Eric Castonguay ended up in the net, but the puck did not.  I’m new to this whole covering hockey thing, but I don’t think that’s a goal.  Ha.  3-2, Reading leads.

Final Score: 4-2, Reading.  A Faulkner empty netter seals it.  Reading saluted the raucous crowd in the corner that had supported them all night.  Embarassing when you consider they’re the road team.

Three Stars:

* Rudisuela
** Kell
*** Cooper

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:

Scott Bartlett

Trevor Kell Matt Cohen

David Leaderer

Robert Page

James Reimer


Rosario Ruggeri

Jason Smith

Danny Taylor

Steve Ward 

Patrick Weller

In-Game Videos:

Joe Gerbe scoring chance early on

Jason Smith makes the stop on a turnaround shot

Reimer makes a save on a point shot by Robert Page

Smith makes a save in traffic

Trenton has a solid chance on the PP in the 2nd.

Mac Faulkner’s empty netter

Fight Videos:

Cohen vs. Herneisen

Next Game: Tomorrow, at Sovereign Bank Arena against the Elmira Jackals. 4PM start time.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Game 2: Reading @ Trenton”

  1. pam Says:

    Quote Mike Ashmore : “4:06 left — So this whole paying attention to the game idea, it’s starting to work out. Rosario Ruggeri HAS to stop pinching on the power play. He was on the left point and was attempting to be on the receiving end of a cross-crease pass. But, because he wasn’t back, Brock Hooton was able to take the puck away while Trenton was on the power play and score on a shorthanded breakaway. ”

    This is sooooo Ruggeri, hope he’s a shortimer!

  2. Scott Says:

    Mike hope you have your seatbelt on tight, this is the same garbage we sat through all last season. Having fun yet? Nothing better than being out numbered in your own building. Kudos to the entire org, keep up the good work.

  3. tdevils Says:

    I’ll have a little more about Reading and their fans in a bit…

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