Game 2 Post-Game: Rick Kowalsky Quotes

“I thought that the first eight minutes there in the first was the highest tempo we’d played.  I thought they responded pretty good to it, too.  I think we had more hits in that eight minutes than we did all game.  You can’t do that.  Consistency, obviously that is an issue.  But you can’t have that big of a differential.  If you can play that game, that’s the game we want to play.  High tempo, get the puck deep.”

“That shift by Chris Poli at the end of the second period…he comes through the neutral zone with speed, all alone.  It’s basically a 1-on-3, and he dumps it in and gets to a 50-50 puck, knocks the guy off the puck, wins the battle.  We make a line change, he supports, he’s in there and we got a good chance to score and then we draw a penalty.  That’s how we have to play, night in and night out.”

“As a player, if you’re on the bench and you see a guy not get the puck deep or turn it over or not finish his check, you’ve got to be saying in your head that I’ve got to go out and do that.  We spent two weeks on systems and trying to lay out what we’re looking for. Seeing it at times and not at others is definitely frustrating.  We were in the hockey game, and I thought Smith played well.  But we found a way to lose it tonight”

On if he’s waiting for the offense that showed up in the preseason against Elmira…

“That’s exhibition, it’s a different animal here.  The intensity’s higher, the lineups are better from top to bottom.  Our power play had some success in Elmira, but it’s tough.  We scored ten goals up there if you count the shootout and the overtime, but this is a whole different season now.  But we had chances tonight.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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