Frazee To Start Opening Night, More Media Day News

I gave the Trenton Devils a little nudge for how everything went with training camp, but I must say that today’s media day was handled very well by Paul Roper and everyone involved.  I’m not a big press conference fan, but this was one certainly bearable.

Here’s what you need to know from today…I’ll have quotes in a little bit.

– I spoke with third year head coach Rick Kowalsky, and he revealed that Jeff Frazee will be between the pipes for the team on opening night.  After that? 

“We’ll see how it goes from there,” he said.

– Kowalsky emphasized that this was a tandem situation, and there was a 1A and 1B.  He acknowledged that Jason Smith probably played in too many games early last season after Dave Caruso’s call-up, and that Smith was battling through some dehydration issues last year that may have led to his numbers being less than what he’d hoped.

– Kowalsky described Frazee as a “reflex goalie” who’s very active around the net, perhaps a little too active.  He told me that while he’s not like Martin Brodeur in how frequently he likes to play the puck, he certainly likes to be active with it.

– Trevor Kell apparently lost a tooth during one of the preseason games against Elmira.

– Dylan Quaile was used at forward during one of the preseason games, and that situation could present itself again during the season.

– I had one-on-one conversations with Frazee, Smith, Kowalsky, Scott Bartlett, Joe Gerbe, Dylan Quaile and Thomas Harrison.  You’ll see various quotes from the coach and those players throughout the next couple days, including tomorrow’s player-by-player look at the team.

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